Our coaching team consist of professional tennis coaches with a lifetime of experience playing the sport. Our passion is seeing tennis players blossom both on and off the court. Learn the skills, strategies and culture of tennis through our training and coaching programs. We call it a tennis mentorship, any age, any stage. We can also instruct teenagers and adults on how to learn tennis or take your tennis further with a host of cutting edge techniques, drills and strategies. 

In the Hot Shots Program we start with the Super Mini class for kids as young as 3.5 years old. From there our pathway allows children to learn, play the game and progress at their own rate as every child is different. For those who excel and show potential we have the Talent Development Program. Within the program we have Squad sessions and encourage a Private Lesson as well to supplement your child's learning. Children in this pathway are often playing Tournaments and joining the Tennis West Pennant League representing Scarborough Tennis Club.