Scarborough Tennis Club fields many different levels of teams across varying pennant leagues.
Our Weekend League Co-ordinator is Robert Musgrove and our MidWeek League Co-ordinator is Suzanne McCarthy. 

Saturday Open  - Mens & Ladies
Wednesday Midweek Ladies
Sunday Doubles - Mens and Ladies

Full list of available Leagues can be found HERE.
Nomination in a league is dependent on court + player availability and suitable team composition. 

In Summer 16/17, 3 of our teams took out their respective divisions, well done to the Open Ladies Div 3, Sunday Mens O/50s Div 3 and Wednesday Grass Div 3. 

Dates are as follows:
Monday 16 Oct 2017 (Rd 1) until Sunday 10 Dec 2017 (Rd 8)
Saturday 27 Jan 2018 (Rd 9) to Monday 12 Mar 2018 (Rd 14)
Semi-Finals:  13-19 March 2018                  
Finals: 20-26 March 2018
No weekend competition Labour Day long w/e (March 3-5)

To express your interest in the upcoming Summer 17/18 Season, email our co-ordinators or alternatively The Committee via



All Junior Pennant enquiries to be made through the Academy.