Some of our Hot Shots students will be selected to be a a part of our development program. The various squads which are run during all weeks of every school term are:

  • Red Ball Squad

  • Orange Ball Squad

  • Green Ball Squad

  • Girls Squad

  • Club Pennant Squad

  • Performance Squad

So our development program can range from intermediate club level junior through to nationally competitive juniors. Our preference is to train a child from the ages of 8 – 14 where we believe building the fundamentals early both in mindset and game is essential. To be eligible for selection in our development program, you will be at a matchplay level. Our various squads are run during every week of each school term, please view our terms and conditions.

If you are interested in a 15 minute assessment session we can provide that free of charge to see where your child would fit best into the program. Email us

squad diagram 2.jpg