Junior Club squad program

Some of our Hot Shots students will be selected to be a a part of the Junior Club program.

We have 4 different age groups:

10 and under - 12 and under - 14 and under - 18 and under

This program ranges from a junior who has graduated from Hot Shots through to nationally competitive junior players. We believe building the fundamentals of both the on court game and the mindset of our players. We also strongly believe in fostering independence in the players and ensuring they take responsibility for their training and their results on court. Some of the best learning can come from the losing matches. Our squad players are highly encouraged to play junior pennant competition for Scarborough Tennis Club.

What are the levels of squad training ?

Our squad program is linked with the CTR ratings (used in the tennis west pennant competition). We currently have 8 different programs for different ages and stages.


10 Under Orange A – CTR Rating (CTR 10)

  • Saturday 10am-11.30am

12 Under Green B – CTR Rating (CTR 10)

  • Thursday 5pm - 7pm and Saturday 8am-9.30am

12 Under Green A – CTR Rating (CTR 10 or CTR 10+)

  • Tuesday 5pm-7pm and Friday 4pm-6pm

12 Under Yellow A – CTR Rating (CTR 9 or CTR 9+)

  • Tuesday 5pm-7pm, Friday 4pm-6pm and Saturday 10am-1130am

14 Under Yellow B– CTR Rating (CTR 10 or higher)

  • Tuesday 5pm-7pm and Saturday 10am-1130am

  • Wednesday 5.30pm-7pm (girls only) and Thursday 530pm-7pm (girls only)

14 Under Yellow A – CTR Rating (CTR 8 or higher)

  • Thursday 6.30am-8am

18 Under Yellow B  – CTR Rating (CTR 10 or higher)

  • Monday 5.30pm-7pm

  • Thursday 5.30pm-7pm (girls only)

18 Under Yellow A – CTR Rating (CTR 8 or higher)

  • Saturday 9am-11am

What is the commitment required?

We run a 10 week program during every school term. We suggest doing 2 squads per week if possible. It is also important to continue each school term as we cover different areas across each term. To become the best you can be, private lessons are essential also to complement the squads.

Please make sure you have read our terms and conditions. so you know what to expect.

Squad training costs $240 per term although we strongly encourage you to join as a member to receive 10% off squad fees. Further multi squad discounts of 5% and 10% also apply for doing 2 or 3 squads per week.

If you are interested in a 15 minute assessment see where your child would fit best into the program, this is provided free of charge. 

Email us on info@scarboroughtennis.com.au if you are interested in squad training for your child.