some background


My name is Rick Willsmore and I’m the Director of Tennis and Club Coach at Scarborough Tennis. The Academy was founded upon my appointment as Club Coach in 2007. We have developed players from 3 year old's through to those who have reached national level junior success and have various club coaching awards over the years. More importantly to us is that we have helped thousands of people try tennis, play tennis and grow through tennis.

My own childhood was full of hitting tennis balls. Starting with hitting on a wall or with my brothers or Dad, through to playing for my local club and following a player pathway from junior tournaments to US college tennis. Tennis has given me so many opportunities and was a central part of a fun, fulfilling, childhood.

Skills are learnt, character is developed and friendships are made

Now I lead a hand picked team who introduce tennis to others. I am very thankful for having such a great team of Tennis Professionals who are passionate about helping others. Our purpose is to provide the best tennis experience for all players where skills are learnt, character is developed and friendships are made.

Players go on a journey, starting at The Hot Shots stage before moving to Junior Club Tennis where they represent the Scarborough Tennis Club . We also have a pathway for juniors to compete in state and national tournament’s and make the transition from participant to athlete.

Our passion is seeing tennis players blossom both on and off the court. Learn the skills, strategies and culture of tennis through our training and coaching programs. We call it a tennis mentorship, any age, any stage.

"The coaches are engaging and have a great rapport with all the kids. oscar is always keen and motivated to get down to his lesson on time and on to the court."

- Hamish, Oscars Dad