I'm sure many of you have participated in the FAST4 League, and if not yet you must've heard how good it is from someone who has?! Come on down and give it a go. The next date is the 15th December from 5pm. There are prizes after each event, as well as an overall winner at the end of the league. It pays to play every week!

The best bit? It is completely FREE for Members!

We use timed sets, so we use the PLAY LETS rule as well as a SUDDEN DEATH DEUCE. Otherwise, you keep playing until the bell rings!

More info on the playing format can be found HERE.

Email or see the sign up sheet at the club to sign up! Bring along any tennis playing friends, they are more than welcome! It is just $20 for visitors. Being a fun event, it is the perfect chance for players to come down and see what Scarborough has to offer.

Be sure to put these in your diary and remember to sign up!

  • December 15th
    January 12th
    February 2nd
    March 9th