We welcome you to our tennis program which runs for the 4 school terms. Each school term covers different aspects of Hot Shots Tennis.

RESERVED SPOT: As a student of STA, you are automatically enrolled for each school term. If you wish to withdraw from the program or switch times or days, we need 14 days’ notice. You will be invoiced in week 8 for the following term. We plan our coaches, courts and players well in advance so once the term has started your spot is reserved and invoice outstanding.

GET YOUR FREE T-SHIRT: As part of being a young Hot Shots tennis player, you get a free tshirt through Tennis Australia.  Click here and select Scarborough Tennis Club.  Your tshirt will be delivered to us to then hand to you. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: If STA has to cancel any lessons due to rain or heat you will receive a text message 30min prior to the class start time. Some classes will go ahead in the rain if it is light enough to be deemed safe.

If the temperature is 37 degrees or higher, lessons will be cancelled (a thermometer will be placed at the club). Please note that rain and heat can vary from area to area. If you don’t receive a message, the lessons will run as normal.

MAKE UP LESSON: If a lesson is cancelled due to the weather, a make-up class will be held on Sunday mornings. In the case that you cannot attend one of your make up sessions, 2 master make up sessions will be held on either Saturday or Sunday mornings during school holidays.

Please note that no credits are available, and your make up options are:

·         A) Weather cancellation make up session (Sunday morning)

·         B) Master makeup sessions (Saturday or Sunday mornings during school holidays)

·         C) Alternative class with available spaces


  • Super Mini's Sunday 8:30-9:00

  • Mini's Sunday 9:00-9:45

  • Minors Sunday 9:45-11:00

  • Schoolies Sunday 9:45-11:00

  • Majors Sunday 11:00-12:30

* You must book in to reserve your spot in the weather cancellation makeup class via email info@scarboroughtennis.com.au

(B) MASTER MAKEUP SESSIONS (Sunday-Dec 22 & Saturday-Dec-28)

  • Super Mini's 8:30-9:00

  • Mini's 9:00-9:45

  • Minors 9:45-11:00

  • Schoolies 9:45-11:00

  • Majors 11:00-12:30

* You must book in to reserve your spot in the Master Makeup Class via email info@scarboroughtennis.com.au


If another class has available places, you can arrange a makeup sessions in a different class that week.

* There are no guarantees of available places but please contact us to see if this is an option via email info@scarboroughtennis.com.au

SICKNESS: In the event you miss a lesson due to sickness, another commitment or planned holiday you do have the option of making up the lesson if there is available spaces in another class. These need to be within the current school term. Please Contact STA to find out where makeup classes are available. With the exception of long term illness or injury, accompanied by a valid medical certificate fees will not be reduced, refunded or credited if lessons are missed.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sometimes we will take photos of the tennis students for marketing purposes. These may be used on our website, social media or newsletters. If you do not want your children to be photographed please email us.